I would show you what is my example for an experienced data scientist employment history

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Wireframing with a tool like Whimsical is faster and more lightweight for throwing ideas together and getting a feel for the layout and hierarchy of our design. It’s harder to fall in love with a design when it’s only a wireframe, so we can take criticism and feedback while holding on to our dignity.


For example, if we’re testing a workout app, then we may want to ask questions like, “do you currently use any workout apps?” or “do you exercise regularly?” If the tester answers no to these questions, they wouldn’t be a good fit and wouldn’t continue to our test.

This time, it’s happening without much fanfare, and without the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phenomenon which intensified the price action (investors bought BTC in order to participate in ICOs, driving the price up).

Interview, even if you’re happy at your job. Interviewing at other companies can reveal a lot about the holes in our knowledge or what skills are currently in demand. Design challenges can also be a great exercise to flex our creative muscles and solve interesting problems.

Read design system documentation. Reading design documentation from popular design systems is a foolproof way to gain more tactical UI/UX knowledge. Some of my favorite design systems are IBM Carbon, Zendesk Garden, Workday Canvas, Atlassian, and Material.In this step, we need to define the different scenarios that a tester would go through to help us uncover insights. For example, a scenario might be testing out the app as a new user without an onboarding experience, exploring features on their own. Another scenario might be testing an onboarding experience that ushers new users through the app and explains features.Gather final thoughts and ask any final questions to tie all the scenarios together. Which option did they prefer? How would you rate each experience on a scale of 1–5? Be sure to show visuals again to remind testers of each scenario.

Consider reusable patterns unless unique designs add real value. During the design process, we should audit our design when introducing new conventions, elements, animations, and so on. If these additions aren’t bringing additional value to the user, then they should be reconsidered. The elements that we do include; buttons, inputs, screen layouts, flows, and so on, should be reused as much as possible for consistency and to save time.
Just like those science fair experiments in middle school, we should prepare a hypothesis. This will form the basis for what we are testing against. Continuing with the last example, our hypothesis might be, “users appreciate a seamless experience to welcome them into the app and explain the features as opposed to exploring for themselves.”
Avoid introducing new, unnecessary features. Don’t introduce features that will overcomplicate the development process while bringing no additional value to the application. Focusing on the business objectives, user needs, project scope, timeline, and how products are developed will help prioritize which features are essential.

When designing for development, there are considerations, constraints, and best practices we should keep in mind throughout the process. Considering development will make us better designers to work with and improve the overall quality of the products that we ship.

Paying attention. It’s easy to mindlessly use apps or go through digital experiences without giving much thought to them. It’s often the design that goes unnoticed that is the best designs. As designers, we should note the design decisions other more established brands and products are making.

I never recommend anybody to use the percentage or bar to show how capable you are with each skill because it looks unprofessional. It is better to say you are proficient, capable, expert, or any other word explaining your skill capability.
If you gauge metrics of retail investor interest in the asset, whether it’s tweets or google searches, Bitcoin is still languishing well below it’s highs. This is causing a fair amount of puzzlement.
Side projects. Side projects are what lead me to discover my interest in product design in the first place. If we’re relying solely on an employer’s design work, then we’re limiting our growth potential. If you have free time on nights and weekends, try dabbling with an idea you’re excited about. Side projects are great for portfolios and show authentic design work without client interference.Bitcoin is nearing its prior all-time high (ATH), set in December 2017. It’s entirely plausible that we could regain the heady $20,000 level within the next few weeks or months.

Many different user testing methods can be used to gather findings. Some common tests are usability testing, card sorting, tree testing, a/b testing, and feedback surveys. To understand the different options for testing, I recommend reading Quantitative User-Research Methodologies: An Overview.

The first step in creating a remote user testing plan is to define what we hope to achieve from the test. Writing a statement that defines the goal will be our guiding light when constructing the test.Whimsical has predefined guard rails that make it easy to add components and define the hierarchy, layout, and content of screens — but not be distracted by the small details. Whimsical restricts us from getting caught up with colors, selecting typefaces, adding our own icon family, and so on.This section is often glossed by HR, but when the HR already takes notice of your resume, they would certainly read this section in much deeper. Let’s take a look at what kind of experience we should put in our data science resume.Take advantage of collaboration tools like Zeplin for code snippets, inspection, easy asset downloading, and more. Figma, InVision, Adobe, or Marvel will also work just fine.



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